Vegan Protein – This is Our Favourite Yet

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Vegan Protein – This is Our Favourite Yet

Is This the Best Vegan Protein Powder We’ve Tried?

The world is turning greener and greener when it comes to our diets. There are more vegetarians and vegans amongst us than ever before and as we see that number rise, we are seeing an influx of greener nutritional options. The plant-based areas of the supermarket are growing, major restaurant chains have vegan menus. Everything is changing to support this nutritional movement whether you support it or not.

The supplement industry however, was surprisingly late to adapt. Sure, there have been some vegan brands taking on the challenge, but ultimately vegan products have been of poor quality for the most part. Taste and texture have plagued vegan protein supplements and very few have managed to address this. The reality is that when compared to dairy based protein (whey), plant-based protein typically from soy, pea, rice and hemp provides a coarse, almost sandy textured finish which is difficult to flavour.

The Vegan Protein Revolution

Well, things have taken a turn for the better! We have been fortunate enough to have our preconceptions of vegan protein powders challenged by a couple of brands. Though one of those in particular has recently released a new line of vegan protein that we just had to celebrate.

Explosive Ape, that’s right the guys that used to make workout clothing. They make supplements now and their latest offering for the vegan supplements market might be one of the best yet. Their cleverly named ‘No Whey’ vegan protein product is arguably the best vegan protein we have tasted. The line is in its infancy and has just the three flavours. Chocolate caramel, vanilla crème caramel and blueberry.

Vegan Protein Powder

All of the flavours have a smooth finish, unprecedented for a vegan protein powder. But the absolute winner here is the blueberry flavour which is absolutely delightful. The taste is subtle but creamy and right on the money. Very unexpected for a vegan protein which usually has an unmistakable aftertaste that is tough to mask without making the flavouring overly powerful. There isn’t a great deal of blueberry flavoured protein supplements on the market in general and this product has us asking the question, why??

Admittedly the No Whey powder does mix smoothest with almond or oat milk rather than water but the same could be said of virtually every protein supplement on the market. We’d suggest mixing with a generous serving of almond milk for the best result. We’ve also had some fun adding in frozen blueberries and a few oats for a bigger more filling shake. Superb at breakfast time.

I’m not even a vegan myself and I’m having one of these a day at the moment because honestly, I crave it. For other omnivores like myself, don’t forget it doesn’t hurt to vary your protein sources. Especially when they taste as good as this. If you’re a vegan athlete or gym enthusiast this product is a must. If you’re not vegan, it’s still well worth a try, you’ll be surprised.

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