Launching Decibel Nutrition

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Project Description

Creating Substance for a Premium Supplement Brand

For Decibel Nutrition, the brand needed to provide an in depth identity that would shine through in all it’s areas of communication to it’s audience. From branding and packaging, to quality blogs, web content, social media communication and downloadable assets.

Revolutionary products needed to be supported with awareness generation in tandem with education. All delivered with style and class.

Branding, Content, Social Media, Digital Strategy & Ongoing Consultation.

Skills Needed

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Branding & Design Work

We needed to create a strong brand which would visually stand apart from the crowd and deliver a bold premium feel from it’s look and it’s voice. Decibel Nutrition was about setting a new standard.

Depth & Substance Through Content

Modern day brands cannot afford to let their audiences attention slip once they’ve earned it. We created compelling product descriptions, web copy and a full, vibrant content marketing strategy to support the brand post launch.

Awareness Generating Marketing

We developed a social media approach to utilise brand assets and celebrity ambassadors. We coupled this with a strong ongoing PR campaign, search marketing and an affiliate program to ensure steady traffic generation and awareness for this new brand.

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Understanding Your Audience

One of our greatest advantages as a dedicated health & fitness marketing agency is that we deal with different segments of the same overall audience everyday and on a variety of projects. We know gym junkies, health advocates and nutritional aficionados and all their quirks. Which means we know how to speak to them and how to help brands and products to do the same.

Applying In Depth Knowledge

It’s one thing to understand and audience and what makes them tick. But that is almost entirely useless without the knowledge & expertise that comes with many years working in the industry, acquiring the information required to in turn educate others. Health and fitness involves a great deal of science, strong opinions and often conflicting information. We know better and can help you cut through that barrier.

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