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PR Writing & Creation Services with Global Media Distribution Options for Health & Fitness Brands

Successful PR in this demanding industry requires the knowledge and skills involved to genuinely connect with journalists and media owners. But it also requires the talent and expertise to turn your story into front page worthy news. Here at the Fiit Agency we have all of these as well as a genuine passion and invaluable insights into the world of modern day health and fitness.

Our role is to help you and your brand get in front of the most influential people and make a genuine impact with your message. From bloggers and social media celebrities to journalists and major media outlets, we’ve got all bases covered.

Professional PR Writing

We have a team of professional writers who write for press and journalists all day everyday and we know what it takes to get noticed. We take your news and announcements and ensure they are creatively written into tangible, impacting press releases ready for media distribution.

We know what journalists are looking for and what it takes to get their attention. Greatly increasing your chances of having your stories picked up so that you can earn valuable additional exposure for your brand.

PR Strategy & Planning

While we love to deliver successful PR campaigns, not all brand come prepared with their own news or simply don’t have the resource to dedicate to keeping the PR wheel turning all year round. That’s where we can help.

Whether it’s planning, idea generation, attacking the industry standard or just looking for a new off the wall angle for your brand to stand out in front of it’s audience amongst the competitors, we can help point you in the right direction and see the entire process through start to finish.

Media Distribution & Outreach 

Not all of our clients need us to create news and press worthy content for them, they just need a helping hand getting their story out there and recognised by the media that matters.

Whether it’s getting products to bloggers, stories to journalists or making sure your brand is considered for health and fitness industry reviews and events, we can help. With our global PR and media database as well as our connections to all the influential blogger networks, we can get your brand into the right hands.

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We combine our ability to produce insightful and motivational journalist quality PR with our global media distribution power to ensure your news makes the news.

Check out our James Haskell Rugby Fitness PR Announcement.

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