New Batman Actor Refuses to Add Muscle for the Part

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New Batman Actor Refuses to Add Muscle for the Part

Now I know you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, but I’ve seen this same story crop up a few times now and it involves an interview with GQ as well so I’m more inclined to start believing it. And honestly, it pisses me off.

So, in a nutshell. If you haven’t heard already, Robert Pattinson has been cast as the new Batman actor.

Robert Pattinson

Yes, that’s right, the wet blanket from the Twilight series. Many were shocked at this casting, particularly given how badly Ben Affleck’s casting was received prior to his two movies as Gotham City’s dark knight. Now in his defence I don’t personally feel Affleck did a bad job, it’s more the films themselves which were just terrible. And even at the age of 44 he had it in him to make sure he had the right body type for the part. Which was shown off so great effect in his mini workout montage scene.

Ben adds muscle for Batman

Ben adds muscle for Batman

Refusing to Add Muscle

Pattinson on the other hand, seems to be out right refusing to get in shape for the part. As commented by articles like this one:

What’s worse is he is using the mantra that he believes working out and putting on muscle for the part ‘sets a bad precedent.’ Commenting further that “Working out all the time makes you part of the problem.” I’m not entirely sure what ‘problem’ Pattinson is referring to here but one can only assume he is referring to some sort of body image psychology. Perhaps wanting to set a marker that you don’t need to have a gym body to be successful, I’m not sure. Though I consider this to be infuriatingly short sighted… Seeing as you’ve read this far, I’ll go ahead and tell you why.

Batman has to be without a doubt one of the most iconic movie roles of all time. Up there with James Bond. An immensely popular character that supersedes multiple generations of fans. Being cast as Batman should be an honour and a privilege. As an actor these are surely the kind of roles you live for an you’d do anything to embody the superhero in all his glory. And yet, here Pattinson is putting his foot down on some kind of strange moral justice pursuit and saying he won’t workout for the part. Is he mad? Where has this entitlement come from?

Is There Really a Moral Issue?

As for the ‘setting a bad precedent’. That is outrageous. You’re playing a comic book superhero who despite not having actual superpowers, is a man who dedicates his life to punching bad guys in the face. Working out and putting a little muscle on the better embody the role of Batman is not a bad precedent. A bunch of talentless nobodies ploughing steroids into their bodies to get on the Love Island and make a fool of themselves, that is a bad precedent. You’re not some random wannabe fuck boy, you’re a Hollywood actor who through dedication, training and assistance from a coach and nutritionist should be willing to work towards truly portraying one of the most iconic superheroes of all time.

If the statements from around the web are true, I find it hugely disrespectful that someone like Pattinson is not willing to tow the line for the part of a lifetime and even more disrespectful that he’s almost body shaming those in pursuit of a better body. A decent actor, yeah sure, a good-looking bloke, absolutely. But is he too good to work out hard for a part? I think not.

Is he justified? Or is he just being a lazy hipster?

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